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Over 25 years ago, Diane Gioia (Bargonetti) was diagnosed with virulent melanoma cancer & given one year to live by the conventional medical community.  This was the beginning of a health journey that took Diane from Emmy-Nominated Television Producer to a Doctor of Naturopathy,  as she struggled to find the answers to save her life!  On the way to her amazing recovery, she  earned an MS in Natural Health and an ND, Doctor of Naturopathy degree, and became known as "Dr. Di" to her clients.  Consequentially (or perhaps cosmically), she completed her degrees one month before the 911 tragedy In New York City.  "Dr. Di's" social-consciousness kicked in and, along with her husband, this Naturopath immediately founded and funded The Liquid Chlorophyll Program for FDNY/NYPD.  This program addressed the Ground Zero Cough Syndrome which plagued many of  the workers/volunteers who rallied to New York's aide. 

In addition to postively impacting the aftermath of 911,  "Dr. Di" was selected as a COPR Associate at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) where she works to build a bridge between conventional medicine and the alternative health community.  In 2013, she established her socially-conscious health ministry called HolisticHealth Information Movement (HHIM), which functions on an individual, group and community basis. . .she is now known as Rev."Doc Di." 

Through HHIM, Rev. "Doc Di" is exploring the impact of sustainable living through Earthship projects, as well as Rooftop Garden Projects for CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.  Along with other like-minded people, she is not only trying to anticipate the inevitable changes that are already occurring and will continue to occur in our environment, but she is also trying to find answers/solutions to these changes before they are viewed as catastrophic.   Earthships will provide a new, exciting form of sustainable, green construction for solar powered residential housing. . .and, everyone should know where your local food source is, be it a rooftop garden, or your local farmers!

Former Head of Production for a division of RKO Pictures, Diane was Emmy-Nominated for the television version of the Broadway show:  Lena Horne:  The Lady and & Her Music.  Her tenure in TV/film afforded her the opportunities to work with other greats like Jodi Foster, Count Basie, Glenn Close, Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick, Buddy Guy, Wayne Newton,  etc.   She also was a radio producer for WOR in NYC.  

“Dr Di’s” holistic practitioner background includes Resident Naturopath at the ARENYC Center, also known as The Edgar Cayce Holistic Healing Center, from 2001-2008.  She was a contributing writer for Allegro, the NYC musicians' newspaper, for many years,  with her “Lifestyle Notes”. Presently, she practices in Manhattan and Brooklyn and lectures in the Tri-State area. She serves many people of various ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  Through HolisticHealth Information Movement, Rev."Doc Di's" objective is to help guide and educate as many people as possible about HolisticHealth principles, practitioners, philosophies, products, options, and benefits as demonstrated in her YouTube videos displayed throughout this site (one example below). 

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