HolisticHealth Information Movement



HolisticHealth Information Movement offers private (one-on-one) educational sessions to address holistic health solutions to your specific health concerns. These sessions can be "in person" or via "phone consultation."


HolisticHealth Information Movement also organizes lectures and seminars for people interested in holistic health, and for those who might benefit from information that involves natural, holistic methodology. 

At the end of HolisticHealth Information Movement's groups presentations, product samples of natural foods, supplement, along with healthy personal care and household products are displayed for distribution on "Dr Di" TABLE OF LOVE.  These items are supplied FREE to the event attendees.

Donations are encouraged for HHIM's Services. 


INITIAL HolisticHealth EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION:   INCLUDES:  pH testing, Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Weight Assessment, Blood Pressure, & Complete “Body Reading” with Rev. “Dr Di”.  BODY READING includes:  Iridology Session, Tongue & Fingernail Analysis, Pulses, Foot Reflexology Reading, & Educational Materials.

FOLLOW-UP HolisticHealth EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS:  First follow-up session must be scheduled within one month of Initial Evaluation to be considered a "follow-up."  

HolisticHealth EDUCATIONAL PHONE CONSULTATION:  1/2 hour phone consultation to discuss health issues of your choosing.

Ionic Detox Foot Baths, Parasite/Immune ZappingBioptron Light Therapy, and pH Testing are also available separate from a full session. 

LECTURES AND SEMINARSContact Rev. "Doc Di" for specifics.

Click Here to email  REV."DOC DI" for a CONSULTATION, or General Information on any of HHIM's services.

Call 917-566-5279 for consultations and/or further information regarding seminars or general information on all HolisticHealth Information Movement's activities..