HolisticHealth Information Movement

                                                "Teaching Natural Health Solutions." 

The HolisticHealth Information Movement is a socially-conscious health ministry whose mission statement is to serve people by teaching them all about holistic health principles, products, options, and benefits.  The HolisticHealth Information Movement operates under the auspices of The LifeSpirit Congregational Church (a 501(c)3, a Group Exempt, incorporated Religious Entity), and the LifeSpirit Seminary.



The work done by HolisticHealth Information Movement  includes volunteer or charity projects.  For example: HolisticHealth Information Movement has been actively involved in helping communities recover from Super Storm Sandy, and will continue to participate in recovery work until people no longer need assistance. HHIM also participated in helping families recovery from the devastating building collapses, and subsequent fires in East Harlem, NYC (March 2014) that killed 7 New Yorkers, and left over 60 families homeless and/or possessionless.   HolisticHealth Information Movement delivers holistic health supplies, including vitamins/supplements/essential oils/homeopathic medicines, etc., for colds, flu, stress, depression, etc., antibacterial/antiseptic oils/lotions for cuts/bites/wound/rash treatment, as well as food, water, and clothing in hopes of raising the spirits of any persons, or community affected by sudden tragedy.  This is in keeping with HolisticHealth Information Movement’s healing philosophy which addresses the whole person:  spirit, mind & body.


HolisticHealth Information Movement organizes lectures and seminars for people interested in holistic health, and for those who might benefit from information that involves natural, holistic methodology.  At these seminars, product samples like natural foods, supplements, healthy personal care/household products are displayed and distributed gratis on Dr. Di's TABLE of LOVE .

HolisticHealth Information Movement also offers private (one-on-one) educational sessions to address individual health concerns.  Donations are welcomed for these sessions.  Donations are encouraged at lectures and presentations as well.

Flyer below reflects HolisticHealth Information Movement's continuing work with Super Storm Sandy recovery in The Rockaways